Friday, November 25, 2011

Vande Mataram

vande maataram  vande maataram
c  d  f~gf g    f  g  b~Cb C

sujalaaaaaam su.phalaaaaaam malaya.jashiiitalaam
C D C~a# a~g a~ga  g~f  e~d d dgg~ff e~d de d~c

shasya shaamalaam maa.taram 
 vande maataram
c   d  f~~gf g    g~a#a a~g  f  g  b~Cb C

shubhra jyotsna pulakita yaaminiim
f    g  b    b  b b C b  C  b C

phulla kusumita drumadala. sho...bhiniim
b   b  b C b C  C  CDDCCa# a#aCa#a  a~~g

su.haasi.niim suma..dhura bhaashiniim
e~dd~ff~ee~~d d d~a#a  a# a~~ga  g

sukhadaam varadaam maataram
f g  b    b b b    b~Cb C
vande maataram  vande maataramf  g  b~Cb C
    f  g  b~Cb C


  1. hi
    i like the piano in this site caus its having a radio and all other uses
    man chill

  2. f~gf g in this nite what does ~ means??i am new to keyboard notes

  3. enthoota ithu Malayalam chords ille

  4. enthoota Malayalam chordz illa machine!!!!

  5. The ~ (tilde) character is used when 1 note is bent (using the portamento or the pitch bend feature of the keyboard) to the next note. For example, c~d means that you press and play the c note first and bend it upwards so that it will sound d. The speed at which you should bend the note from c to d depends on the song and the exact position of its usage within the song. If you do not have a pitch bender (or) if you do not understand how to use it, you could just ignore the ~ character and just play the 2 notes c and d in succession.